The Most Beautiful Skull I’ve Ever Made, 2020

I made this Indo-Guyanese skull as a gift for my amazing cousin Gina, to celebrate her finishing her MA dissertation. For years she has been pursuing important studies about global struggles under European colonialism and its influence in dictating language and political history. More specifically her MA was Caribbean and Latin American studies, focusing her final paper on Indo-Guyanese cultural identity. This is an important part of our personal history, and one that has been erased from the legacy of british colonialism.

After slavery was abolished, millions of Indentured labourers were shipped across the empire to work on plantations, many of whom were among the poorest and most vulnerable people of India. Many were our ancestors. People dont think that the Caribbean is multicultural but most slave societies were multicultural because they people were taken their for labour. The hidden history of the Indentureship System is one I and many other will continue to share, with hurt and pride. 

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