Sex-Worker Still Life, 2020

Made for S.W.A.R.M to be exhibited at ICA London early 2021

From young watching CSI or Criminal Minds I learnt that sex-workers are seen as disposable in society. Disabled, Trans, Single mums and so many other marginalised groups do sex work because it can pay better than minimum wage, you have more freedom and independence to work around your chronic pain flare ups or childcare needs. The general work force is a mess, hospitality and retail pays minimum wage which is not enough for anyone to live on. If youre disabled and cant perform tasks that able-bodied people can how are you meant to make a living or keep up? If youre Trans and you are already ostracised from society what choices are there? If youre a single mum or a student who cant cover basic needs with minimum wage or part time jobs what options do you have?? People shit on sex workers because it makes them feel important and better than others, this contributes to people thinking we dont deserve to live, because the world would be better without us whores. If you improve peoples material needs you will see a decrease in the industry, but either way we deserve safety, security, humanity, compassion, understanding. Anti-Sex-Worker rhetoric leads to violence against us!

Sex work is selling a service, not selling your body

You are not better than me because you havent done any sex work

Human trafficking is not the same as consensual sex work

Solidarity with all ❤️