LDN WMN – Olive Morris by Rene Matić

Olive Morris was a community leader and activist. She co-founded the Brixton Black Women’s Group and was a member of the British Black Panther Movement. Rene Matić designed this piece in such a thoughtful, and personal way it almost brought me to tears when reading the proposal. The clenched fists of Rene’s piece stands at five foot, two inches high – the exact height of Olive and Rene, and shows a poem on each. This was inspired by a quote which said despite her short stature, she always stood up for what she believed against the police. Through this project we found out that there was a building named after Olive Morris which was getting demolished, with no plans to commemorate her locally. This is an example of how women have continued to be written out of history and why public projects like LDN WMN are important for celebrating and keeping their stories alive.

LDN WMN x Mayor of London