LDN WMN meets Global Street Art

Through the LDN WMN project Jasmin Sehra, Stephanie K Kane and I had the opportunity to learn how to paint with the amazing people at Global Street Art. Tamoonz talked us through materials and techniques, while encouraging us to be brave and bold. Experiencing some of the contrasts between spray cans and embroidery had me like ??? With embroidery im always having to prove myself and my medium as worthy because its been gendered in the western art world… whereas so many people were supportive and facilitating today coz we were women with spray cans!! Builders on the construction site came out and put big barriers up so there was something between us and road. Embroidery is so private vs working in the public. Its been a rollercoaster with my hands and mind this year but im excited to have a more open mind in terms of my practice in the future ??❤️