LDN WMN – Mary Seacole by Heather Agyepong

Mary Seacole was a nurse who set up the ‘British Hotel’, behind the lines in the Crimean War and was voted the greatest black Briton in 2004. Heather Agyepong explored a lesser-known side of Mary Seacole’s life in a self portrait referencing the nurses use of herbal remedies. She imagined herself as Mary, wondering through Epping Forrest collecting leaves and herbs. This piece was shown at the Cockpit theatre in Marylebone, not too far from Paddington where she passed away. Funnily enough, Heather actually studied at this theatre, one of the many wonderful and unexpected connections between artists and historical women.

Heather provided us with four strong images to choose from which was extremely difficult. I was so happy to see them displayed at the FutureCity exhibition at Foyles. The colours, detail and lighting in these images are breathtaking and really welcomes you into this world.

LDN WMN x Mayor of London