Justice 4 Grenfell, 2020

“Stay home, save lives” Three years later and 56,000 people still live in towers covered in the same dangerous cladding.
A cover up. “Official” records say 72 people died that night but the next day 538 people were missing. The local community had been campaigning for years that the building was dangerous and their concerns were never listened to.
Kensington and Chelsea borough, one of the richest areas in Europe allowed over 600 people to die because of government negligence and capitalist greed.

361 buildings are still unsafe to live in. Its a privilege to be in lockdown in a house where you can sleep and not fear your home will suffer the same fate as Grenfell overnight.
By June of this year, the government said all cladding would be removed from buildings countrywide but barely any action has been taken. We cant allow the establishment to get away with the murders of working class people.