About Hanecdote

Im Hannah Hill, also known as Hanecdote, embroidery artist and emotional nerd. Most of my work stems from being autobiographical; exploring my gender, sexuality, mixed ethnicity, feminism and mental illness through bold motifs and compositions which pack a punch. My work aims to showcase how powerful textiles can be as medium to communicate socio-political messages.

I’m interested in the juxtaposition between fast paced social media and technology, as well as energetic and hyped Grime music and its surrounding culture, with the slow task of hand stitching and the dated stereotypes of delicate and soft “women’s work” that come with needlework. I’m passionate about uplifting and celebrating the creativity of people of colour, so I create art which is accessible and inclusive of people and ideas that have been excluded from Western art history.

My choice to hand embroider is both personal and political. It is a medium which has been excluded from the Fine Art cannon due to sexism and classism, a medium which is laborious yet therapeutic for my mental wellbeing, as well as connecting me to my ancestry through India’s rich history with textiles.

I hope this website is a place for me to share my own art, my passions and findings about London, embroidery, art, people, history and architecture.

My work and merchandise is available at here, thanks for looking ?