Hannah Hill x Kate Rolison on Embroidery and Mental Health, 2018

My longest and dearest embroidery friend came to visit me in the garden on a lovely warm day of my birthday week. She is known online as poesiegrenadine and everywhere else as Kate Rolison. We havent been able to see eachother since way before the pandemic due to various health reasons. Anxiety almost creeped in the day before as I anticipated how it would be after so long, the pandemic has surely changed how I socialise and I assumed the same for Kate. That being said, as soon as I saw her I felt so happy and natural. Lately I have found catching up with friends has caused me anxiety and sadness as my pain remains present and impacts my ability to do anything, so I feel left out or just generally sad at being reminded Im just at home doing nothing. Regardless, I excitedly gathered some of the half done projects I have been doing to try to keep occupied and outlet my feelings since we last met, including the self portrait I finished last month for her to appreciate in person. And appreciate she did! It was just nice to talk freely with someone who is neurodivergent and an embroiderer and feel so seen and understood. Im so grateful for our almost ten years of friendship. Check out her etsy and website