First Time Visiting the British Library

I really enjoyed this episode of Treasures of the British Library where writer Hanif Kureishi, looks at various documents and artefacts including Rock Against Racism posters, a diary detailing the Punk scene and voice recordings from the beatles. His perspective as being a mixed race, white and Asian person navigating racist England in the 60s and 70s especially. He said Its important to know where we are in terms of race in the UK, and what happened in the past for us to get here, as in we cant shy away from this violent and vicious history in Britain especially as first/second generation immigrants. He met Red Saunders who wrote a letter to Eric Clapton protesting his support of Enoch Powell, which was a real catalyst for standing up against racism in rock music (especially because so much of Clapton musical success stems from black music origins). I got excited and inspired seeing the level of respect that this Punk diary was given, in the national archives amongst all the academic and human history archives!! A true voice of the people. One day in the future, myself or other cultural commentators will be sitting in the British Library discussing Grime musics impact and importance in British history. They also have archives of verbal recordings of history and language. They played a clip of a Loyle Carner song and deconstructed his application of slang and traditional London speach patterns, from using early 19th century words like geezer and modern slang like peng. I LOVE LONDON I LOVE UK TALENT I LOVE HISTORY AND ART. Having this insight into the British Library really flicked a switch inside my head in terms of how exciting researching/archiving/reading can be and the importance and visibility of People of Colour in British history.