Elizabeth Parker Sampler – V&A, 2021

I got the opportunity to work with the V&A earlier in the year to respond to this embroidery sampler by Elizabeth Parker from 1830. I relate to the work as an embroiderer, understanding how much time and energy she put into the fabric.
The red text details the struggles and abuses she faced working as a servant during the victorian times. Her blood sweat and tears were put into this, probably her only way of expressing her pain and suffering with suicidal thoughts with so many emotions wrapped up in textiles. Putting your pain into fabric through the use of a needle and thread is something I know well, you can hear more and watch me work on my latest self portrait here. 
Artist Katerina Jebb photographed the work and displayed it in large-scale installation as a way to showcase 1) the detailed stitch work 2) understand the emotions 3) an intimate small work in a new way (bigger doesnt always mean better, but if we get to understand the maker more then I love this project). Read more here on the V&A website.