Commonwealth Cabinet: Colonial Assets

The royal family were doing their best to overcompensate ahead of Oprahs interview with Megan and Harry. Usually i dont care about the royals other than general distain for what they represent, but the british ruling class family getting called out on an international stage was a once in a lifetime situation.

They are a toxic family trying to protect their toxic riches and having a mixed race baby in the family was too much for them so they literally changed the rules so he would never be a prince. They were “concerned about his skin tone” and never made Megan look like a bully. At one point Harry said that Megan could have been a commonwealth asset for the royal family, which left a sour taste in my mouth as a colonised person.

The day before “Commonwealth Day” (and the Megan and Harry interview) there was a show on BBC where all our flags were lined up inside a church, with a choir singing Bob Marley and drummers playing Indian drums. It felt like we were being used as props (our flags and music) to make the royal family look good. They basically said “how can we be racist, most of our colonies were Black”

They really talk about the commonwealth like its a warm loving family and not the amalgamation of newly independent colonies connected by hundreds of years of a violent, empire IN THE NAME OF THE MONARCH and church.

I drew this display cabinet which shows how britain feel they can parade around their ex colonies at their convenience as if we are props. They have never and will never be any different because for generations they have been privileged and literally owned most of the world and theyre not going to give away their power easily. Britain will only ever look at our countries as “assets” to take from.