Ancient Roots: The Wonder that was India

“Evidence for Indian textile manufacture and dyeing techniques goes back to ancient times. These fabrics were a source of wonder and their vibrant colours are even mentioned in the Bible. India’s trade links stretched from China in the Far East to Egypt, Greece and Rome in the West.

The central figure in this art work is Hatshepsut Queen of Egypt. This female Pharaoh ruled Egypt successfully for twenty two years. According to Indian folklore, she sent her ships to trade as far away as Cranganore in the southern state of Kerala. 

The mythology surrounding cotton is represented by the magical cotton tree seen on the right of this artwork. This was pictured in the “Book of Marvels and Travels of Sir John Mandeville”, written in the 14th century. Cotton was unknown to Europeans at the time. The imagined that lambs grew on the tree and were the source of this amazing cloth.”

The Singh Twins, 2018